sábado, 26 de maio de 2012


From all the things he has shown me the one I remember the most is beauty. I had never lived in a beautiful place before. I never had the choice. My mother would come and say “we are moving again next week” and that would be it − another ugly place somewhere else. But I did not know they were ugly. To me they were just places. And I had never wanted to live in a beautiful place before. But he... he carries all the beauty there is in this world inside of him, so he wants it all the time. And the thing about beauty is that once you get used to it, it is very hard to live without. It is a blessing and a curse altogether. Your eyes get so spoiled that you can no longer control the signals they send to your brain. Ugly this, ugly that. Don't want to live here, don't want to live there. And it goes on and on until there is no place in this world beautiful enough for you to live in. And all you have left is the beauty you carry within. 

Nicole Rodrigues

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