domingo, 19 de julho de 2015


Saio catando os cacos e ponho tudo num saco
na esperança de colar as peças 
e esconder as brechas desse oco.

Nicole Rodrigues


The most peaceful sound to ever enter my ears.


If what I feel, I feel alone, 
and only exists in my heart,
then I shall remove it from my body 
and dissolve it in my blood, 
like a disease, until it is gone. 

I can dope myself in soundtracks 
while my being processes 
the extraction of you. 

In my hallucination I'll reveal
all the corners you have fulfilled.
But in real life I'll disguise it
until I am me again. Alone again. 

Nicole Rodrigues


The flame that turned into a big bonfire.
Love given randomly to you often.
Why won't you take it?

Nicole Rodrigues

sábado, 11 de julho de 2015


Precious moments escapes us quickly,
as if in a hurry to die.
Burn, burn, burn butterfly.

Nicole Rodrigues


The whole,
whatever it is, 
scattered at intervals. 

The future, 
whatever it holds, 
will, no doubt, unfold.

But the present, 
the treasure, 
is now.

Nicole Rodrigues