domingo, 29 de novembro de 2015

Sleeping paranoia

He tried to get into the car I was in.
She tried to throw a brick and he fired rubber bullets at me.
Sleeping paranoia. I could use a break from it.
Wish I could dream of going somewhere by bus, plane or train. Not flying.
Wish I could dream about cats. Not dying.
My subconscious is as driven as me. As pushy as me.
Wish I could push my dreams away. The epic ones, anyway.

Nicole Rodrigues


He split her upper lip with a backslap and a golden ring.
He glued it back with staple and tape.
What kind of monster is that? How many types are there?
I could kill him, Nina, I swear.

Nicole Rodrigues


Detracted, disturbed. I'm done. Not only with one, but with all of you.
Detached, distant is what I'll be from now on.
Distractions. Demoted.
All of you.

Nicole Rodrigues

Eighteen layers of wool

Thoughts, wishes and secrets 
gradually unwrapped, 
underneath eighteen layers of wool.

Each layer carefully explored, 
peeled away, 
with patience and grace 
Nicole Rodrigues