sábado, 23 de janeiro de 2016


From where I stand, I get nothing but a glimpse
Of what is behind the slightly open and freshly painted new door.
And, while not ready for it yet,
I know in my heart I should not shut it down.
I see this light, a small beam of light…

When feeling stronger, I get closer, 
And stare at it curiously, willingly, defiantly even; 
I let it shine through my fingers, 
I see my nails tinted in gold and it makes me smile. 

Other times, 
When feeling not so strong, I sit by the opposite wall, 
Keeping my distance and protecting my field of vision, 
Trying to understand what is it about this door 
That makes me want to enter. 

For now, 
Even if not fully formed, my thoughts show me 
I wish to see it through. In and out of this room. 
I want to see every particle, every ray, 
Reflected in dust, hail, smoke, and rain. 

Nicole Rodrigues

segunda-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2016


I am finding it – fine tuning it
Through tunnels of rustiness.
Metal-scratching noises
Down my throat, down the road
Of hasty thoughts that insist
To inhabit me.

Running nose and tears
Washing my face,
Cascading on my cheeks,
Wetting my dried open lips
Always in search of air 
– forever breathless.

Despair might just kill me
If I get sick one more time.

Nicole Rodrigues


My demons started coming out
And I’m so scared, 
Oh I’m so scared of what I am about to see.

My demons started shouting loud
And I’m so scared, 
Oh I’m so scared of what I am going to hear.

My demons started circling around
And I’m so scared, 
Oh I’m so scared of what I am going to be

Come at once, 
For the thought of the pain
Is no less painful the thing itself.

Come so that I know
That bleeding my beating heart out 
Was not in vain.

Come so that this wound can heal
And the rot will feed the earth
Where I buried myself.

Nicole Rodrigues

domingo, 10 de janeiro de 2016


Uma cratera,
Um chute,
Um susto,
Uma exaustão…

Parei de tentar.
Nao pude evitar.
Esse meu coração. 

Nicole Rodrigues

quinta-feira, 7 de janeiro de 2016


Too much to take on,
too long to hold on,
the buzz in my ear 
is far too strong. 

Two voices, two forces 
fighting for space. 
Quiet, please. 

Nicole Rodrigues 

Osteogênese imperfeita

O barulho dos teus ossos quebrando
E o grito abafado de dor
Não me sairão da memória.
Acordei chorando
E, ao te ver adormecido ao meu lado,
Abafei o soluço
Para não te acordar.

Nicole Rodrigues

Poesia natimorta

O pente fino no cabelo da boneca,
a poesia natimorta que em tudo brota,
os versos em forma de gota que caem no papel…
As batalhas do peito têm a pena como mérito.

Nicole Rodrigues

Now and then

Living has to be in excess.
So much will be missing when we die.
Leave the lack of everything for later 
And the excess of everything for now.

Nicole Rodrigues


Two eggs and two potatoes boiling…
Oh, her fear of being poisoned!

Three clowns around the table
With their faces distorted.

They whisper, they stare;
They sing and they clap.

I too would be scared.
I too would watch my food cook.
Nicole Rodrigues