domingo, 25 de dezembro de 2016

Shape shifter


One life is too small. What about all the other shapes, all the other possibilities?
What about the trilogy? Mansfield park? And Katherine?
The islands, the lakes, the caves?
The bread, the wine, the flame?
The loners, the barren, the ones who forget?

I am not afraid of dying. I am afraid of dying untouched, unfinished.
Afraid of a life not lived to its fullest potential. Of rules that limit the expansion of the being, that reduce well-being, and self-exploration to prediction, to tradition. 

The paths are there for a reason, and I am meant to follow one at a time or all at once, if I so desire. Sure there is danger when your feet spin around, but progression needs movement not sticking to the ground.

Nicole Rodrigues

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